Wimbledon, strawberries and pimms

It's Wimbledon at last for the tennis fans amongst us and they are predicting 33 degrees C on Wednesday!
It won't be that hot here in North Yorkshire - more comfortable at 23 degrees C followed by thunder storms. We do need a bit of rain but better at night!
We have organic British strawberries in the shop this week so even if you haven't got a ticket for Wimbledon you can sit and watch eating your strawberries and cream!
You could also make yourself a Pimms - we have organic cucumber, oranges and strawberries to add to the jug.
According to my sister the cost of a plastic glass of Pimms at Wimbledon last year was £8 and most of that was ice!
We have a wide range of lovely summer fruits and local organic vegetables in the shop this week -
for a full list see our organic fruit and vegetable price guide.
Have a good week and enjoy the lovely weather!
10:53 AM