Vitamin D3

Hopefully most people have recovered from the nasty flu/ cold viruses going around.
At this time of year we are lacking sunshine and so don't get enough vitamin D from the sunlight.
The NHS website recommends a Vitamin D supplement for certain groups of people and here at the Organic Food & Health Care Shop we have just introduced a Vitamin D3 vegan nutritional supplement to our popular range. Speak to Anne ( / 01751 473444) in the shop for more details.

For a full list of what's in the shop this week see our organic fruit and vegetable price guide.
In the meat/fish department we will have fresh organic beef: braising steak (for casseroles/ stews), ribeye steak; pork chops, lamb mince, bacon & smoked salmon.
We also have frozen chicken and minced beef.

Have a good week!

PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will endeavour to deliver it - see our delivery page for details.

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