News from the farm ...

On the farm crops are looking remarkably well considering we had the driest spring and early summer for 70 years. In early June we made 50 tonnes silage in 125 round bales, and now in the 3rd week of July we have had the same fields cut again for the second crop. Many of our neighbours have suffered with reduced crops of grass but we haven`t because we have been organic for a long time and we have built up a lot of fertility and humus (not hummous) in our soils and humus retains moisture.
We have the cleanest crop of wheat ever, free of disease and weeds and are looking forward to seeing whether at harvest in 4 weeks it will be suitable for bread making. Last year’s wheat made very good bread and if you buy Yorkshire Miller’s flour from the shop you will have had flour from our wheat. We are still busy hoeing and hand weeding sprouts onions and leeks. We have kept our cows at home this time and for the last 8 weeks we have had an Aberdeen Angus Bull called Hector running with them, keeping them in order and hopefully fathering a new crop of calves.
The vegetables we have ready being sold through the shop are potatoes, broad beans, beetroot, courgettes and marrows. Soon we shall have spinach, swedes and stringless runners.
More news in a month, Mike 21/07
02:13 PM