IT problems!

What a stonking weekend and guess what, my computer decided to die on me!
I spent a very hot Sunday on the phone to Apple support. Hopefully they will manage to repair it within the next couple of days.
In the meantime I'm relying on my phone which isn't picking up emails :-(
If there are any IT people out there who could help me I would be really grateful.
Don't worry you can still send emails to the info account because sister in London is checking it and forwarding messages to me.

For a full list of fruit and vegetables in the shop this week see our organic fruit and vegetable price guide.
In the meat/fish department we have organic beef mince, smoked salmon, bacon and cooked ham. We also have frozen chicken: whole and breasts,pork sausages and salmon.
If you want a particular meat or fish please let us know on the Monday morning. Have a good week!

PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will endeavour to deliver it - see our delivery page for details.

12:41 PM