Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Just had a lovely new year message and photo from a cousin announcing the birth of his son on 1st January 2018!
Lovely to see the first Full Moon of the year last night - it's known as a wolf moon named after howling wolves.
You will now be getting back into the swing of things after the festive season. You're probably wanting to start eating a healthier simple diet after all the rich festive food.
Why not try making a warming and nutritious roasted butternut squash soup.

For a full list of what's in the shop this week see our organic fruit and vegetable price guide.
In the meat/fish department we will have organic fresh beef: mince & braising steak, chicken: breasts & thighs, bacon & smoked salmon.

Have a good week!

PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will endeavour to deliver it - see our delivery page for details.

10:28 AM