Dr Hertzog in shop 26 June

It's nearly mid-summer and a lovely time of the year. It's light until well gone 10pm - mind you I am normally in bed by then! Sunrise at 4:30am is lovely.

As you probably know we have been building up our supply of health products. The latest additions are Short Chain Peptides which regulate all processes in the body at cellular level, thus postpone biological aging. This in turn makes everything function more efficiently.
I've just had this email from a family in Canada who the shop has been supplying with Short Chain Peptides:
"We have had good news about our son's MRI which showed that, most unusually, the tumour shrank :) The doctors expected it to continue to grow slowly after surgery so we are very thankful!! It was wonderful of you to tell us about short chain peptides for our son as I think they have been really beneficial"

Dr Chris Hertzog will be in the shop on Tuesday 26 June if you want to talk to him about our full range of health care products.

For a full list of what's in the shop see our organic fruit and vegetable price guide.

In the meat/fish department we will have fresh organic: beef mince and braising steak; lamb mince; chicken; bacon; smoked salmon.

Have a good week!

PS if you or a friend can't come to the shop you can take a virtual tour! You can then email in an order and we will endeavour to deliver it - see our delivery page for details.

05:23 PM