Autumn Equinox

I did a very long delivery on Saturday! After delivering to customers in York, I parked the van and jumped on a train to London with a joint of organic Tudor pork, a romanesco cauliflower, purple cauliflower and savoy cabbage! I also had a very large suitcase full of my youngest son's winter clothes - he's enrolled on a university course at Birbeck College, London.
The OFS delivery was for my sister who cooked us a lovely organic Sunday roast before I headed back up to Yorkshire on the train. See our facebook page for a photo of her organic Yorkshire puddings!
We have those lovely Romanesco cauliflowers, local Savoy cabbages and local rainbow carrots in the shop this week. We also have fresh and smoked organic salmon - for a full list of all our fresh organic produce go to our latest fruit and vegetable price guide.
Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox when night and day are about equal length. The nights are definitely drawing in!
Have a lovely week!

11:13 AM