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July 28

School's out for summer!

Schools out for summer! Thank goodness the temperature has dropped a little but unfortunately there is rain forecast for later in the week. We've bought a fan for the shop to keep all our lovely customers cool!
Friends in Italy with a holiday cottage were complaining that it was hotter in the UK! I'm sure it's warmed up again in Italy - check out their eco-friendly stone built cottage in Majella National Park, Abruzzo.
If it's too hot to cook or you don't fancy it why not try this lovely fruity tabbouleh. If you want some meat with it we have fresh organic chicken breast, burgers and thighs in the shop this week. We also have frozen organic north yorkshire lamb chops. For dessert we have a range of thirst quenching melons: Honeydew, Piel de Sapo and Water melon.
For full details of what's in the shop see our latest organic fruit and vegetable price guide.
Have you seen the photo of our new shop sign on our Facebook page?
Have a good week and enjoy the lovely weather! Any one up for a sea swim?

09:14 PM
July 14

Lots of local organic produce

Many sporty things have happened since I wrote the last blog. Didn't Yorkshire look great during the first two stages of the Tour de France? I think we can expect a lot more visitors in the future! I know a lot of you are keen cyclists but maybe le Tour has inspired more of you. Here are some recipes for what to eat before cycling and what to eat if you are cycling for more than an hour.
We have some lovely local organic vegetables in the shop at the moment - bunched beetroot, cauliflowers, spinach, chard, kale, potatoes and kohlrabi. I can hear you asking "what do I do with kholrabi?", well here are some ideas from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. We also have some pretty purple mangetout - did you see the photo on our Facebook page?
For full details of what's in the shop this week see our latest organic fruit and vegetable price guide. We will also have fresh organic beef, pork and whole chickens.
Have a good week - the school holidays will be soon upon us!

11:32 AM