Archive of September 2012

September 24

British Cheese Week

It is British Cheese Week. We don't celebrate our cheeses enough! Here in the shop we have a wide range of british organic cheeses. Staffordshire organic cheeses made from unpasteurised milk including mixed herb, garlic and peppercorn, wild garlic and oak smoked. Lyecross cheeses: wensleydale, red leicester, double gloucester, vintage and mild cheddar and blue stilton. Last but not least locally made cheeses from Botton village creamery. All these cheeses are delicious with our new season british apples and pears - see our latest price guide. We also have a wide range of organic cheese biscuits and crackers.
Treat yourself to some cheese and have a good week!
11:18 AM
September 10

The end of all the sporting activities

What are we going to do now there's no olympics & paralympics to watch/listen to? There is Andy Murray's tennis final tonight at the US Open against Djokovic! Wasn't the paralympics a fantastic boost for disabled people? Let's hope this boost continues. Even though we had a lovely weekend it does feel as if summer is almost over. We are starting to see the arrival of british autumnal fruit in the shop. This week we have english organic discovery & worcester apples and williams pears. We will also have organic pork, bacon, ham and sausages, together with a small quantity of organic beef. For those of you with a sweet tooth and fancing a bit of baking why not try these beetroot brownies!
Have a good week!
05:38 PM