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July 30

The Olympics etc

As I write this we are reading about the 1st GB London 2012 Olympic medal won by Lizzie Armistead - a Yorkshire woman! This should inspire women cyclists!
The Olympics generally should be making us think about our health and what better time than the summer with lots of local organic fruit and vegetables. This week we have local broad beans, broccoli and cauliflower to name but a few. We also have local organic soft fruits and our first UK cherries of the season. Cherries are a true superfood. Further details of all our fruit and vegetables are on the latest price guide 30 July - 12 August 2012.
Have a good week whatvever you're doing - watching the Olympics and/or enjoying the better weather!
11:02 AM
July 16

Blame the jet stream

Oh the weather really starts to get to you - at least we know why it's happening! From our local organic producers we have kholrabi and here's a lovely soup recipe which will warm us up!
This week we have local organic chard and Fuchsia Dunlop was on Woman's Hour this morning with an interesting Chinese twice-cooked chard recipe. We also have fresh organic garlic which has a milder flavour than dried - here are some ideas of how it can be used. Later this week we will have fresh organic pork, bacon and sausages. For further information see our latest price guide 16-29 July 2012.

Have a good week!
12:23 PM
July 03

bye bye wet June

Yes it's official - last month was the UK's wettest June since records began in 1910, provisional Met Office figures show! Fingers crossed that July will be better but the forecast isn't looking great for this week.
For the tennis fans amongst us Andy Murray is supposed to be playing today on court no 1 but my sister says it's raining down there at the moment - she's glad she queued for Wimbledon last Thursday and not today!
In the shop this week we have offers on delicious organic peaches 45p each and local organic tomatoes - see the latest price guide for the full range of our products.
This week we also have fresh organic chicken and next week organic north yorkshire lamb - please place your orders early to avoid disappointment.
Enjoy your week!
08:38 AM