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May 26

special offer plus Good Morning Muffins - a customer's recipe

Special offer - 20% off fresh organic chicken breasts this week!

We are always delighted when a customer brings in/ sends us one of their favourite recipes! Here is a recipe for "Good Morning Muffins" from a Canadian customer - please note the use of cups. There are conversion tables on the internet - see
1.5 cups white flour 6 eggs
1.5 cups wholemeal flour 1 cup oil
1 cup wheat germ 4tsp vanilla essencel
1 cup desiccated coconut 2/3 cup black beer or apple juice
4 tsp baking soda 4 tsp cinnamon
2 cups sugar 1 tsp salt
0.5 cups sunflower and pumpkin seeds
4 cups grated carrot 2 cups grated apple


Beat together liquid ingredients in a very large bowl.

Stir in moist ingredients

Add in and stir the dry ingredients a few table spoons at a time - mixture will be stiff to stir.
Makes 24 -30 large muffins
These muffins freeze well.

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09:57 AM
May 23

Grimsvotn volcano and news from the shop

As I write this blog another Icelandic ash cloud could be heading in our direction ...!
In the shop this week we are expecting organic UK asparagus, golden kiwis and Jersey Royal new potatoes! We will also be having a delivery of organic pork and meat pies.
The shop will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday but open as normal for the rest of the week.
best wishes

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01:56 PM
May 16

News from the shop and the farm

We are starting to have summer fruit in the shop - this week we have delicious cherries and apricots!
We also have UK rhubarb with which you could make Nigel Slater's Rhubarb fool!
On the farm Mike and Pam have decided not to breed beef cattle for the shop anymore as part of their move towards retirement.
We will miss their North Yorkshire beef! We currently have some joints, mince and steaks in the freezer.
In the future we will be buying beef from our wonderful pork supplier and will update our meat schedule and price list shortly.
best wishes

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03:04 PM
May 09

UK Asparagus, Jersey Royal potatoes, free parsley plant

This week in the shop we have UK asparagus and the first Jersey Royal potatoes of the season! We will also be having a delivery of fresh organic salmon, chicken and chicken pies.

To round off a lovely meal or to eat with your breakfast we have organic strawberries. For a full list of all our fruit and vegetables please check out our latest pricelist .

If you haven't already bought organic potting compost or grow bigs now is your chance because we are offering a free parsley plant with each bag!

best wishes
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02:04 PM
May 04

New baker, fresh organic salmon etc

Well what a couple of weeks! Now back to normal opening and delivery times! What's new in the shop?
With Mike and Pam moving towards their retirement we have a new baker, Katherine. We want to give Pam a big thanks for all her wonderful baking and wish her all the best in her retirement! We have just received the first batch of Katherine's home baked products - almond tarts, fruit scones, vegan pasties and mixed vegetable quiches. All the baking is done with ingredients from the shop. We also take orders including celebration cakes. Photos of our latest delivery are on Facebook.
Next Tuesday we will have delivery of fresh organic salmon - this is very popular so please place your orders now to avoid disappointment.
Enjoy the week - there should be some rain at the weekend!
best wishes
10:56 AM