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October 28

Christmas cards for a good cause

For those who visit the shop you may know Stacey - her son Ansel has designed a range of Christmas cards.
The profits from the sales will help Ansel to become an apprentice at the Cal Earth Institute in California. A non-profit/charitable foundation, Cal Earth specialises in long-term disaster relief solutions. Blending architecture and art, they aim to provide sustainable housing attainable by all.
Best wishes
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October 19

this week in the shop

We have fresh chicken, sausages, pork, bacon and gammon in the shop this week. We also have locally grown Pumpkins at £2 each - it's not long to Halloween. Pumpkin pie and roasted Pumpkin soup all come to mind - recipes available from us or from BBC food.
best wishes
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October 08

10:10 Sunday 10th October - cutting carbon emissions by 10%

10:10 is a movement of people, schools, businesses and organisations cutting their carbon by 10% in a year. On Sunday 10th October people around the world will be looking at ways to reduce carbon emissions. Here are some practical suggestions.
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October 04

October news from the shop and farm

News from the shop:
The fruit and vegetable price list for 4-17 October 2010 is now on our webpages. As the evenings draw in we start to think of warm nourishing foods like casseroles and soups. We have a wide range of ingredients with which to prepare these dishes and this week we will have a fresh delivery of local beef. Do please contact us if you want any recipes. If you're feeling a little lazy we always have a wide range of tinned and dried soups. This is also the time of year for making pickles and chutneys with the end of season vegetables - we can provide you with recipes.
We are now taking orders for Christmas poultry, cakes and puddings. We will also be making Christmas hampers to order.
best wishes Anne

News from the farm:
It is now the beginning of October and we are waiting for it to stop raining long enough for our contractor to come and cut our third cut of silage. It is unusual to get three cuts but it shows how fertile our land has become owing to being organic for 20 years and more. We are also hoping to get some compost on to a grass ley, get it ploughed and sown with Winter wheat. The wheat we sowed last year was harvested in the middle of August and as we had hoped the Falling Hagberg number was good at 355 which means it is good for breadmaking and has been sold to Yorkshire Flour Millers at Spaunton.
The cows and calves are still out grazing grass and we hope the weather will be kind so that they can stay out until November. Our first fat bullock of this winter was sent off two weeks ago, and so fresh beef will be in the shop this week and next week. It should be very tasty as it was 28 months of age and ate only grass or silage.
Like most people, in their gardens, we have had a bumper apple crop some of which will be sold through the shop in due course. We are sorry we didn't have a farm walk this year but if there is a demand next year we should plan it in good time. More news in a month,
Regards and Best Wishes, Mike and Pam.

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