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May 07

Change in our fresh organic meat schedule

The fresh Aberdeen Angus x beef produced at Standfield Hall Farm will now be available 3-5 June and 10-12 June instead of 20-22 and 26-29 May. Next week however we will have fresh organic salmon fillets and organic smoked salmon and sea trout. Best wishes Anne
01:22 PM
May 04

shop revamp

We have rearranged the shop to make it easier for customers to view our produce - photos available. Anne
09:47 AM
May 01

News from the farm ...

A week ago one of our two heifers calved. A heifer is a female ox that hasn't had a calf. Usually a calf comes out like a diver--two front feet first with the head between the legs. In the case with our heifer I noticed that the feet were upside down which was an indication that it was coming backwards, or to give it the technical term-a breech presentation. Often it can mean twins, so we didn't hesitate but called the vet. Usually our cows calve on their own but the vet had to use a ratchet to pull the calf out of the cow. The difficulty of doing it this way, is that the heifer doesn't realise she has calved, and with this one(only one not twins), after we had put the heifer and calf back in the pen, she refused to lick it dry, and all during the day she refused to let it have a drink, so at night we had to tie it up and show the calf where the teats where and encourage it to suck. In the following morning it was gratifying to see the calf suckling away. The cow was still a bit jumpy but the calf was mastering her. The heifer may not know what to do, but somehow a calf does and by persisting it trains her. You realise that the relationship has developed when the cow goes--mmmmmmrrr, as if to say you are mine. This heifer did just that.

On the farm, the artichokes and potatoes are planted, broad beans are sown and onions planted. In the tunnel house we have some spring cabbage ready, it is only leaves but dark green and succulent. Our next job is to get the cows out to grass later in the week. More news in two weeks.

06:28 PM