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February 24

Fairtrade Fortnight 22 February - 7 March

We have a wide range of Fairtrade products in the shop from teas and coffees to biscuits, chocolate, bananas and dried mangos to name but a few.
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February 16

Fruit and vegetable price list 15-28 February

There is a new fruit and vegetable price list for 15-28 February on our
price list page with new additions e.g. Mandarin Oranges which are really juicy and delicious!


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February 10

New fruit and vegetable price list and organic fish

We normally only put up a new fruit and vegetable price list once a fortnight but this week we have an influx of new products hence an updated list. Take a look and see!

We are also expecting a delivery of organic fish on Friday - Salmon fillets (fresh), smoked Sea Trout and smoked Salmon.

best wishes


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February 02

2nd February 2010 - Groundhog Day (")

In the shop:

We have a range of delicious organic UK apples in the shop. We also have Seville oranges for making marmalade - you need to hurry because they have a very short season. With all this cold winter weather if you can't make it to the shop we can always deliver - send your order via email to or ring us on 01751 473444. For delivery days please see our delivery webpage

best wishes


On the farm:

Two weeks ago we lost an old friend - Sherwood - yes a cow, but still a friend. We assume it was old age as she was in her 20th year and carrying her 16th calf. Twenty is very old for a cow. The average life span for a non organic dairy cow is 6 years. Sherwood`s favourite food was raw potatoes and she always had an expectant look on her face that in your pocket you had some. Fortunately we have kept one of her daughters--Sherbert - who will go to the bull this summer, and calf a year this March.

On the vegetable side of the farm we continue to lift Artichokes, aided by the frosty ground as it helps the tractor to get a better grip, although yesterday the soil was coming up in huge frozen lumps. We were fortunate that we had harvested all the leeks and swedes and most of the sprouts by Christmas, because the very hard frost bleached them of any colour, all that was left and the wood pigeons finished them off.

The seed potatoes have arrived and our job with them is to put them in chitting trays, and hope that they will start to sprout. Our aim by planting time in April, is for a dark green sprout about half an inch long which is worth 2--3 weeks, in growing terms, because we need a good crop before blight comes on August 4th.

More news next month, Mike

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