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January 27


We have organic Seville oranges in the shop for all the marmalade makers amongst us!

All the best

11:09 AM
January 05

Happy New Year - 2010

A Happy New Year to everyone! 2010 has brought a few changes to the Organic Farm Shop. Our baker Tomas has moved on to pastures new, so we will buy bread in from local bakers e.g. Sakers. We will still have home made cakes, quiches, pies and pasties made by Pam. Also the shop will close at 1pm on Wednesdays until Easter. This is to alleviate the pressure on staff when meat needs packing and marmalade making on Wednesday afternoons.

On the farm the frost makes it easier to lift artichokes but the cattle water freezes up regularly. The cows are still eating straw but also getting raw scabby potatoes. Potatoes that are scabby are not liked by customers but cows love them. It is old folklore which says that a lot of hedgerow berries indicates a hard winter. It isn't always right because it can also mean it has been a good summer, but something that was significant this winter was that there was an abundance of holly berries but by the second week of December they had all gone. In this cold weather watch out for the super sunsets like last night.

All the best
Anne and Mike

09:50 AM